Glass fusing micromosaic workshop

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The course aims to provide the skills necessary to create and build micromosaic tiles in glass fusing and small glass objects.

The main objective of the course is to provide participants with the basic knowledge regarding the elements constitutive and characterizing of the material obtaining through the processing of the glass fusing micromosaic tiles as well as producing small objects in glass with the technique of glass fusion and cooking in the oven.

The workshop has a total duration of 16 hours in 4 meetings (distributed in 15 days of stay) and is established in the city of Turin in an artisan workshop that has obtained the excellence of the artisan from the Piedmont region.

The craft workshop can be started at any time of the year at the discretion of the participant.

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MEETING N. 1 (4h.)

  • Introduction to the “Glass” material with related exercises
  • Introduction to glass-making and glass-cutting techniques

MEETING N. 2 (4h.)

  • Design and study sketch
  • Realization of a glass-ceramic micromosaic tile with Dasag and Bullseye glasses in 15×15 or 20×20 cm format

MEETING N. 3 (4h.)

  • Processing and filling in the oven

MEETING N. 4 (4h.)

  • Finishing and possible production of mini objects (ex: magnets, pins) with scraps of Processing.


The price of the project, including: 

  • Board and lodging in b&b formula or in the apartment;
  • City transport ticket;

  • Agreements and discounts at partner restaurants

  • Contribution to participation in the craft workshop;
  • Enrollment fee for the 2018 academic year.

€ 1465,00

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