The Popular University of Craftsmanship and craftwork techniques -A.T.L.A- is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is the dissemination of culture and the dissemination of knowledge of the Italian artisan sector. Created in 2017, it is a true vehicle for city culture.

An active and attentive management of social changes together with a highly qualified teaching team, allows it to become reality the purpose for which it was founded: to contribute through its teaching activity to the civil, cultural and handicraft elevation of the person and the community.

Italy has a lot to offer and to teach. It is the cradle of craftsmanship as well as of food culture.

We must promote our excellence and spread our knowledge so as not to lose the traditions and methods of craftsmanship.

The university is born for this purpose, at national level, and now with this project it wants to make it available to all the people living abroad.

UNESCO declared craftsmanship an intangible cultural heritage at the Paris conference in 2003. The new generations need to have the opportunity to learn the trade from the master craftsmen and to contribute to enhancing their importance, also at international level.

The project will have an international impact both for the dissemination of the secrets of the trade and for the work it could generate, in Italy and abroad.

Board of Directors:

President: Eleonora Isopo

Educational Coordinator: Vincenza Selvaggio

Councilor: Donato Santomauro

To see the association’s statute, click here Downloads-icon.png